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Bobble your way into someone's heart!

Looking for a unique gift? One that says, hey I care so much that I searched high and low for the perfect gift and here it is!! Why not present the gift of a custom made bobblehead of your loved one or your loved one's loved ones??? All that is needed is a description of what you have in mind, good clear facial photos, a profile and full body photo if possible. If you aren't sure of what you want, we can brain storm together and come up with a fantastic piece sure to please! Accessories can be added to personalize the sculpture even more...There are no limits here, I haven't come across a challenge yet that I wasn't able to meet! Feel free to browse my galleries to see if my style is reflective of yours. Sculpted 100% freehand without the use of any molds. These sculptures are built over a strong wire armature using the strongest polymer clays available. Bobblehead wedding cake toppers have also become a terrific addition to a totally memorable wedding! These are produced using ultra light and super strong polymer clays. Progress photo will be sent to you throughout the process for approval and any changes you might like to see. My philosophy is that I am willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that all of my customers are completely satisfied with their purchase.


Artist: Allison Reed

email: arreed98@yahoo.com